The million-dollar question is not, "What does Shaydid mean?" but "What does Shaydid mean to you?"

Music lovers from all over the country have expressed their vibrant enthusiasm for this exceptional Halifax band. The talented and charismatic foursome comes together with fierce chemistry, playing everyone's favourite tunes…and loving every minute of it! With fervent energy on stage and their compelling sound, Shaydid has lured fans from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

Crystal, Mark, Darrin and Kirk have their priorities in order: to be the best crowd pleasing, skilled musicians that they can be, to keep raising the bar and to have a great time doing it!

Crystal is from the musical Clements family of Roseville, PEI. After moving to Halifax in 2000, she was fortunate enough to run into her fellow musicians and was eventually invited to share her musical persona with Shaydid in 2003.

While playing full time with Shaydid, Crystal is also working toward a master’s degree in Molecular Biology at Acadia University. In 2014, she will continue on to Ph.D. studies in Neuroscience at Dalhousie University.

While growing up in Prospect, Nova Scotia, Darrin - being the youngest - was musically influenced by both parents and family. At the age of fourteen, it was apparent that he would inherit a passion for guitar and song. Darrin began playing professionally in 1989 in venues from Newfoundland to Ontario.

Though driven by Pink Floyd's music, you can also catch him chillin' to the voice of Enya or rockin' to the nostalgic 80's hair bands. Darrin joined Shaydid in January 2007.

Another musical interest of Darrin’s is sound production. He has recently launched his business, Shaw Sound and Lighting and enjoys making music sound good from both sides of the microphone!

Born and raised in Canning, Nova Scotia, Kirk took up the bass at the age of twelve and started playing the local circuit by age fifteen. A well rounded player, he has played and recorded with a wide range of local artists, and has covered everything from country, blues, rock and pop to folk and traditional jazz. His influences are equally as diverse and include everyone from Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris to studio legend Chuck Rainey, as well as jazz giants Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke. Kirk has been playing with Shaydid since July 2007.

Mark grew up playing music in Digby, NS and eventually went off to study percussion at Humber College in Toronto. Since then, he has travelled across the country playing various types of music. He is referred to by band mates as the “Band Dad” and is the timekeeper on and off stage. Mark feels that music has always surrounded him with incredible people and great experiences. Mark has been with Shaydid since the beginning, in 2002.

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