Dolan’s Pub – Fredericton, NB

Date: October 25, 2018
Time: 10:30 pm  to  2:00 am

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Erection directly with new American medicine

As it is today, men with erectile dysfunction can not be excessively impulsive in the bedside room. Instead, good planning is required. Pills have to be swallowed and pass through the stomach and appear after about one hour. Other ways to get ready for sex are to inject or to bring up urine tubes.

It is just the desire for faster effects demanded by many men - and their partners - as the American pharmaceutical company Karessa wants to meet with her new medicine.

The preparation is similar to a stamp and is dissolved by the saliva in the mouth. The effect of the active substance sildenafil is within one quarter and lasts for about four hours. The plan is that the drug will be available at a pharmacy in three years. Before that, a simplified study must be done and the medicine is approved by the US Medicines Agency.

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